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A Love Like War (feat. Vic Fuentes) - Single 03/09/2013 MP3
Somewhere in Neverland 17/09/2012 MP3
For Baltimore - Single 28/08/2012 MP3
The Reckless and the Brave 03/07/2012 MP3
The Reckless & the Brave (Acoustic) - Single 08/01/2013 MP3
Lost in Stereo 26/03/2012 MP3
Dear Maria, Count Me In (Live) 26/03/2012 MP3
Poppin' Dance Remix 26/03/2012 MP3
Weightless (Single Bundle) 26/03/2012 MP3
Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don't) 26/03/2012 MP3
Forget About It 14/08/2011 MP3
I Feel Like Dancin’ 10/04/2011 MP3
Dear Maria, Count Me In (Live) 27/04/2010 MP3
Toxic Valentine 30/11/2009 MP3
Weightless  (Explicit) 27/09/2009 MP3
Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don't) 20/09/2009 MP3
Umbrella 14/09/2009 MP3
Weightless 06/04/2009 MP3
Poppin' Dance Remix 29/12/2008 MP3
Poppin' Dance Remix 28/12/2008 MP3
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