News From Nowhere

by Darkstar

  • mp3  320 kbps / m4a  320 kbps
  • Released 04/02/2013 on Warp Records
What we said:
If you reckon you’ve already got Darkstar sussed, it’s time to think again. Following their groundbreaking tenure at Hyperdub, Darkstar are now part of Warp Records’ illustrious roster, singer James Buttery is a permanent member of the song-writing team, and sonically they’re on a different tip entirely. News From Nowhere sees the trio swap the digitised, bass-driven melancholia of acclaimed debut North for an esoteric mixture of techno, hip-hop and prog-rock influences, and warm, analogue electronics. The result is an album that’s uplifting, intricate and as appealing to indie aficionados as it is to electronica obsessives. For our money, the Animal Collective-esque ‘Amplified Ease’ is a standout, featuring fluid, Feels-era synth sounds and bouncing, multi-tracked vocals that are spookily similar to Panda Bear’s.