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The Meadow - From ''The Twilight Saga: New Moon'' (Alexandre Desplat) single 19/07/2012 MP3
On Golden Pond (Theme from the Motion Picture Score) 18/07/2012 MP3
"The Lonely Man Theme" from the Television Series "The Incredible Hulk" for Solo Piano (Joe Harnell) Single 05/07/2012 MP3
Love Theme from Somewhere In Time (John Barry) 05/06/2012 MP3
Nightmare On Elm Street - Main Title from the Motion Picture (Charles Bernstein) 26/03/2012 MP3
Film Noir Suite 21/02/2012 MP3
Jennifer 8 - Main Theme for Solo Piano Composed by Christopher Young 21/12/2011 MP3
The Meadow - From "The Twilight Saga: New Moon Composed by Alexandre Desplat 21/12/2011 MP3
Linus and Lucy - from the Animated Specials Based On Charles Schultz's "Peanuts" (Vince Guaraldi) 21/12/2011 MP3
The Incredible Hulk: The Lonely Man Theme (feat. Dennis McCarthy) 11/08/2011 MP3
Battlestar: Galactica - Battlestar Sonatica - From the Reimagined TV Series (feat. Dennis McCarthy) 11/08/2011 MP3
"Where My Heart Will Take Me" from "Star Trek: Enterprise" (Diane Warren) [feat. Dennis McCarthy] 17/11/2010 MP3
Theme from the Motion Picture "on Golden Pond" (Dave Grusin) 03/11/2010 MP3
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - After 3:00 a.M at Quarks 07/08/2009 MP3
Theme from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 21/02/2006 MP3