by Everything Everything

  • mp3  320 kbps
  • Released 14/01/2013 on RCA Records Label
What we said:
Ricocheting rhythms, frenetic synth licks, Jonathan Higgs’ indicipherable, 600 words-per-minute falsetto: taken as we were with Everything Everything’s debut, man alive was it exhausting. Experience hasn’t mellowed the Manc lads much but the watchword for Arc appears to be “melody”, making prolonged listening signficantly less mentally-punishing. Earworms abound, in fact: ‘Kemosabe’ offers up staccato, digital funk and an excellent, shout-along “Hey!” chorus; ‘Don’t Try’ deploys cut-and-paste disco strings and choppy guitars with devastating results; ‘Cough Cough’ is little short of schizophrenic, electro-pop perfection. We still have no clue what Higgs is harping on about half the time, but we doubt that’ll deter those stadium-sized audiences from singing along.