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Artwork Title Released Format Price
Country, God Or The Girl  (Explicit) 12/11/2012 MP3
Country, God Or The Girl  (Deluxe [Explicit]) 12/11/2012 MP3
Wavin' Flag  (UK Version) 20/06/2010 MP3
Troubadour  (Explicit Version) 09/03/2009 MP3
Troubadour  (Champion Edition - Repackage [Explicit]) 28/06/2010 MP3
Troubadour  (Champion Edition [Explicit]) 19/07/2010 MP3
The Dusty Foot On the Road  (Live) 23/09/2013 MP3

Singles & EPs

Artwork Title Released Format
Bang Bang  (UK Version) 05/09/2010 MP3
Wavin' Flag  (International Version Coca-Cola® Celebration Mix) 20/06/2010 MP3
Wavin' Flag  (International Coca-Cola® Celebration Mix) 23/05/2010 MP3
Wavin' Flag  (UK Celebration Mix) 23/05/2010 MP3
T.I.A.  (UK Version [Explicit]) 07/02/2010 MP3
T.I.A.  (UK Version) 07/02/2010 MP3