by Low

  • mp3  320 kbps / m4a  320 kbps
  • Released 11/04/2011 on Sub Pop
What we said:
As a rule, we’d understand if you struggled to get stirred-up by the prospect of an album of slowcore. But when it’s coming courtesy of Minnesotan Mormons Low, we will brook no refusals. Having more than proven their worth over the past two decades, serving up album after album of transcendent, harmony-rich indie, the husband/wife duo might even have surpassed their own vertiginously high standards with their ninth long-player C'mon. Whether it’s in the sparse majesty of ‘$20’, in the epic, banjo-flecked ‘Witches’ or in the sprawling crescendo of ‘Nothing But Heart’ - which builds from just Alan Sparhawk’s voice and guitar to a chest-beating climax of squalling guitars, backed by a full choir - it’s hard not to find yourself genuinely moved. Truly gorgeous stuff.