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Artwork Title Released Format Price
Lucie Silvas  (Napster Session) 02/07/2007 MP3
The Same Side  (E Album) 23/10/2006 MP3
The Same Side  (Comm CD) 12/03/2007 MP3
Breathe In  (UK comm CD) 11/10/2004 MP3
Breathe In  (EU Version) 21/03/2005 MP3
Breathe In  (Non-EU Version) 21/03/2005 MP3

Singles & EPs

Artwork Title Released Format
Place To Hide  (Mobile Special Delivery) 12/02/2007 MP3
Last Year  (Soho Session 2) 06/11/2006 MP3
Last Year  (Soho Session 1) 06/11/2006 MP3
Last Year  (eSingle) 30/10/2006 MP3
Last Year  (UK Comm CD) 06/11/2006 MP3
Forget Me Not 20/02/2006 MP3
Forget Me Not  (Maxi CD) 19/12/2005 MP3
Forget Me Not  (Ringtone) 08/11/2005 MP3
Nothing Else Matters  (International Maxi) 31/10/2005 MP3
Nothing Else Matters  (International 2 Track) 31/10/2005 MP3
Don't Look Back  (E Release) 26/07/2005 MP3
Don't Look Back  (2 trk cd) 25/07/2005 MP3
Don't Look Back  (Comm Maxi) 25/07/2005 MP3
Breathe In  (International Maxi) 11/07/2005 MP3
Breathe In 11/07/2005 MP3
The Game Is Won  (UK Comm Maxi) 02/05/2005 MP3
The Game Is Won  (UK Comm 2 Trk) 02/05/2005 MP3
Breathe In  (UK comm Maxi) 17/01/2005 MP3
Breathe In  (UK Comm 2 Trk) 17/01/2005 MP3
What You're Made Of  (UK Comm 2 Trk) 04/10/2004 MP3
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