by Trailer Trash Tracys

  • mp3  320 kbps / m4a  320 kbps
  • Released 09/01/2012 on Double Six Records
What we said:
Apparently, Trailer Trash Tracys are influenced by “solfeggio harmonics, the transitionary period of analogue to digital in Western pop music and Sufi Poetry”. Beats the usual,“Er… The Jesus and Mary Chain and Cocteau Twins” eh? Still, judging by the reverb-heavy, phantasmagoric aesthetic of Ester, the quartet certainly took some inspiration from Psychocandy and Victorialand, as well as The Who on ‘You Wish You Were Red’, which brilliantly resembles ‘Baba O’Reilly’ on downers. Add to that a dollop of discombobulating, Animal Collective-esque psychedelia and what you end up with is one wonderfully otherworldly debut.