by Washed Out

  • mp3  320 kbps / m4a  320 kbps
  • Released 12/08/2013 on Weird World
What we said:
Paracosm: a prolonged fantasy world invented by children. Or – in this instance – by Ernest Greene, the man behind the hypnagogic pop of Washed Out. Unwittingly elected leader of the “chillwave” movement off the back of his 2011 debut, Greene dealt with the hype by disappearing into Ben H. Allen’s studio, and into his happy place; an alternate reality that drew on the beauty of the natural world and the work of outsider artist Henry Darger. The results are showcased on his wonderfully-psychedelic second album. Every bit as deliciously-disorientating as the woozy Within And Without, it’s also a distinctly more optimistic offering, and finds Greene expanding his sonic palette, swapping his laptop for an impressive collection of vintage, analogue keyboards.