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Staff Picks

This week

In the Shower (2014) by HOMESHAKE

“Solo project from Canadian Peter Sagar, guitarist of Mac DeMarco... Do I need to say more?” Emmylou Prevett

Todd Edwards' Nervous Tracks (2004) by Todd Edwards

“Todd ‘The Godd’! Top US and UK Garage blend from the choppy vocal king.” Reece Daniels

Honeyblood (2014) by Honeyblood

“A female-fronted alt-rock group was always going to draw (lazy) comparisons to Hole, but here the murky guitars are distinctly contrasted to Stina Tweedale’s sweet voice. The way she makes you feel her heartbreak and abuse is achingly beautiful.” Dan Smith

Four Miles Further (2014) by Nick Brewer

“Anything Little Simz is in at the moment, I’m diggin’. There’s been a lot of hype about this 20 year-old, North London-based, lyrical lovely – one to watch over the next few months!” Sharri Morris

Last week

Wooden Aquarium (2014) by Mazes

“After their poppy, lo-fi debut, Mazes went a bit Krautrock on their second album. This third album finds the middle ground, and ‘Letters Between U&V’, ‘Salford’ and ‘Astigmatism’ are the key beneficiaries of this approach.” Stephen Somerville

Meanwhile. (2014) by Iamnobodi

“Up-and-coming German producer on LA’s budding new Soulection label. Pulls in influences from hip hop and electronica, in the vein of Hudson Mohawke and Clams Casino.” Kyle Pierce

Space Police - Defenders Of The Crown (2014) by EDGUY

“Harking back to earlier works such as Hellfire Club and Rocket Ride, while maintaining the hard rock edge, Space Police... is a triumph of modern power metal.” Alex Markham

Sea Of Voices (2014) by Porter Robinson

“A great track, as big as the name implies.” Gunnar Larsén

The week before last week

Sukierae (2014) by Tweedy

“Found out about Tweedy on NPR’s Tiny Desk series: I quite like the folk sound, and a father and son are in the band which is quite sweet.” Ruth Cheong

Champions (2009) by Blakfish

“Obnoxious death-pop from Birmingham. It’s a lot better than my description suggests, I promise.” Phil Quigley

The Offbeat (2014) by Wildbirds & Peacedrums

Mariam The Believer and her husband are back. Beautifully crafted and utterly fascinating.” Julia Killer

Stunt Rhythms (2012) by Two Fingers

Amon Tobin under another name, on the Ninja Tune sub-label Big Dada.” Nigel Smith

The week before that

Too Bright (2014) by Perfume Genius

“Just incredible. An Album of the Year contender, for sure.” Gemma Samways

Everybody Loves The Sunshine (1993) by Roy Ayers

“After a superb Bestival experience, this album is just pure zoning. Everybody loves the sunshine!” Reece Daniels

We Are the Rain (2014) by Flyte

“Perfect indie-pop: cheerful, breezy, and ridiculously catchy.” Sam Gething

Angels & Devils (2014) by The Bug

“Deep, dark, genre-crossing bass.” Nigel Smith

And so on...

Thievery (2014) by Arca

“Hypnotic, almost tribal electronic vibes from experimental producer Arca’s soon-to-be-released debut, Xen. This Brooklynite made FKA Twigs’ LP1 and Kanye West’s Yeezus sound incredible – for fans of deep beats and wonky synths.” Sharri Morris

John (2014) by John

“Four arms, four legs, two heads, wood, metal and plastic. Three huge songs.” Gemma Samways

Primitive Plus (2006) by Edan

“Track six works really well with Audiosurf.” Emma-Ashley Liles

Quality Control (2000) by Jurassic 5

“A hip-hop classic: what else needs to be said?” Javier Mulvoy

The Sisters of Suave (1999) by Thee Headcoatees

“I’ve been listening to punk/garage rock lately and, while sifting through some old favourites, I’ve fallen in love with Thee Headcoatees – fun but also slightly aggressive and loud. ‘Spineless Little Shit’ being my favourite track – perfect for those dating blues.” Ruth Cheong

Kalakuta Show (2013) by Fela Kuti

“Straight up funky vibes!” Ben Lee

Extended Play (2013) by Statik Selektah

“The Statik Selectah does it again alongside a solid set of lyrical features from Prodigy, Mac Miller, Action Bronson, Joey Bada$$, Talib Kweli, Raekwon, Black Thought and others.” Reece Daniels

Pale Communion (2014) by Opeth

“Sweden’s finest return with a genre-smashing, head-spinning album. Leaving their death metal roots far behind, this is part 70s prog, part folk, part jazz-rock... but much better than that sounds! Labrythine but worth the effort – simply awesome.” Ian Callaghan

fabric 77: Marcel Dettmann (2014) by Marcel Dettmann

“The best official DJ mix I can remember in many a year. This gives so much more than any free podcast/online mix: techno right across the spectrum, full of soul and emotion. Class.” Tom Traves

Jipset EP (2013) by Jipset

“My non-Avicii Swedish recommendation of the week: Jipset – a producer/singer trio – have a classic 80s touch, coupled with up-to-date dance grooves.” Gunnar Larsén

Sky Swimming (2014) by Elephant

“There seem to be quite a lot of pre-rock and late 50s pop references going around lately. Elephant combine innocent la-la-las, simple hooks and dreamy lyrics, with an updated range of electronic influences. I really like this album and ‘TV Dinner’ is a great track to start with.” Sam Gething

Willennium (2004) by Will Smith

“Purchased this on cassette 15 years ago – the first album I ever bought. Personal highlights include ‘Will 2K’, ‘Who Am I’ and ‘Pump Me Up’.” Phil Quigley

The Princess Part Two (2012) by Parov Stelar

“I absolutely love the way Parov Stelar mashes up dance, swing and jazz to produce some seriously feel-good uplifting music!” Dan Jenkins

Lemonade / Hard - Single (2014) by Sophie

“I’m not 100% sure if this is totally amazing or actually utterly terrible, but I’ve never heard anything quite like it. Hyperglycaemic PC pop, fizzing with ideas.” Gemma Samways

Endless Planets (2011) by Austin Peralta

“Bit of modern jazz on ‘Flying Lotus’s label, Brainfeeder. Austin Peralta was a legend in the making before his death at just 22.” Nigel Smith

Roland's Jam (2011) by Funkineven

“Rough and raw techno, acid house stomper. ‘Roland’s Jam’ will make you do freaky s**t on the dancefloor!” Sharri Morris

Gist Is (2014) by Adult Jazz

“What a debut. Attended the album launch a little sceptical about how the intricacies and layers of the tracks would translate. They did and they nailed it. New favourite band, get involved.” Rachel Atkins

Revelation (2014) by The Brian Jonestown Massacre

“Cracking. Seek help if you don’t like this.” James Priestley

The Infamous (1994) by Mobb Deep

“Know what I’m saying? Mobb Deep ‘n’ all that. True East-coast classic from 1994.” Reece Daniels

Soundtrack to the Struggle... (2011) by Lowkey

“I was told this man stopped making music after a visit from some government men. I’m not sure this was true, but I gave it a listen and loved it.” Emma-Ashley Liles

Where Will We Go, Pt. 1 (2014) by Nick Hakim

“Silky-smooth, soulful, finely-crafted and very laid-back debut from Brooklyn-based singer songwriter Nick Hakim. This EP has a blurry, hazy, misted-up feel that I can’t get enough of.” Sam Gething

Route One or Die (2011) by Three Trapped Tigers

“Like early Warp records electronica, but played by a band of three.” Nigel Smith

Deixa (Drumagick Remixes) (2014) by Da Lata

“By far the best Brazil-related initiative anyone English has been involved with this summer. Sao Paulo’s own Drumagick bring their drum & bass vibes to this track from the (mostly) English group.” James Kelly

Seven Dials (2014) by Roddy Frame

“Good ‘ol Aztec Camera man Roddy can still compose beautiful songs, brimming with heartache and joy. His fourth solo is another little gem.” Gunnar Larsén

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