7digital announces support of Stationhead live commerce feature


7digital is excited to announce its support of social music streaming startup Stationhead to make the digital music experience more engaging for fans and artists. Specifically, 7digital powers the live commerce tool that allows artists and hosts to sell official digital tracks to fans during live streaming parties on their stations. Not only does this help artists financially, it also influences chart rankings. As an official partner of 7digital for label licensing, digital platform sales, and reporting, Stationhead is changing the game for which songs make it to the top charts.

With Stationhead’s unique blend of live audio, social networking, e-commerce, and music, the platform has become a favorite for creators, managers, labels, and, of course, listeners alike. Since launching the feature, millions of music fans have come together to support their favorite artists and influence the industry charts in a meaningful way. Charts have long been a who’s who of all the biggest names in music, and often, a chart-topping hit or album can boost an artist’s Grammy nomination chances.

In a post-radio streaming age, digital sales can have an outsize impact on industry metrics. Stationhead is the first player to incorporate this insight in the platform’s approach to fandom, where fans truly connect their efforts to a direct impact on trends that shape the industry and artists’ success.

The impact of Stationhead’s new feature has been staggering. According to Luminate data, Stationhead sales accounted for 20% of BlackPink’s first-week digital sales for “Born Pink.” Additionally, the feature helped TXT achieve their first No. 1 album for “The Name Chapter: Temptation” by driving 33% of the band’s first-week digital sales. Other notable artists, including Niall Horan, Nicki Minaj, and BTS, have also used the feature during live release parties on the platform.

At 7digital, we are proud to support Stationhead and its efforts to empower fans to directly impact the music industry and the hits of their favorite artists. With the ability to purchase music downloads and have them reported for charting by 7digital, Stationhead is changing the game for how artists and fans interact and providing a unique opportunity for artists to benefit financially and through chart success.

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