Ben Jones.

Meet the Team

Ben Jones


Tell us what you do at 7digital

I manage the Radioplayer Worldwide project for 7digital as well as working on the other interactive radio and streaming products we create for clients all over the world. I’ve spent the last 20 years in radio and I love the way we still engage with radio more than any other medium even with all the competition. It still has a huge part to play in our daily lives and, coupled with smart and intelligent digital products from 7digital, we can make the listening experience even better for brands and listeners alike.

Tell us a little about what you did before you started working at 7digital?

Before joining 7digital I was a broadcaster, programmer and producer, and I still am. But this understanding of audiences and passion for radio enforces all of my work here at 7digital, both in the way I conduct the commercial deals but also in the way I work with broadcast and music brands. I think they can trust me to put audience engagement and entertainment at the top of my priorities. In my spare time I present a radio programme on Virgin Radio UK and I am a drummer!

What is your favourite album or song of all time?

My favourite song of all time is a very tricky one to answer as music has been such an important part of professional and personal life for so long, but the one song that has always been there for me, the one I feel is 'my' song is Gimme Shelter from the Rolling Stones. I think it is quite simply one of the most incredibly powerful and enchanting songs ever. Keith also thinks it is the best work he has ever done and who is to argue with that man!!