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  • The Killers - Wonderful Wonderful
    • 16-bit FLAC
    • Reduced
    Don’t know about you, but the sight of Brandon Flowers flexing in the promo for ‘The Man’ revived feelings we thought we’d finally put to bed circa 2012’s Battle Born. Upon careful inspection - and repeated views of the video - it turns out Flowers has still got it, and by it we mean both the looks and the tunes. Alongside the funk-laden swagger of the album’s aforementioned lead single and the Springsteen-referencing pop-rock of ‘Run For Cover’, Wonderful Wonderful offers moments of surprising vulnerability, from Flowers frankly discussing his wife’s struggles with depression and PTSD, to a title track that ranks up there with the Vegas rockers’ most brooding moments to date. Get ready to crush hard.
  • For a new band that many dismissed as “all style over substance”, it’s interesting that The Horrors are still thriving a decade on from their debut. This fifth LP is aptly-titled, and not just because of the Roman numerals: it’s the sound of the East Londoners sticking two fingers up at the naysayers who said they’d never last. On V, Faris Badwan and friends continue to innovate, this time bringing in super-producer Paul Epworth and sharpening their pop sensibilities for a dry-ice drenched set of star-gazing psych and industrial disco. Indeed, album-closer ‘Something To Remember Me By’ might well be the finest thing they’ve ever written.

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