John Aalbers.

Meet the Team

John Aalbers

Chief Executive Officer

John joined 7digital in April 2019. John is a serial CEO, specialising in rapidly building early- and mid-stage, high tech start-ups. He is adept at devising and executing growth strategies, cohesive and aligned team building, ensuring strong sales execution and achieving customer satisfaction through operational excellence. He is highly experienced in turnarounds, acquisitions, capital raising and ultimate realization of maximum shareholder value.

John, an Australian by birth, moved to London in 1999 to establish the operations of telecommunications industry software solutions provider CGI (Computer Generation Inc.). John created a partnership with UK-based Intec Telecom Systems, which 18 months later resulted in Intec acquiring CGI for $269M in 2000.

John remained with Intec for 5 years, during which time he helped to establish the company as one of the major, global, back-office software providers to the telecommunications sector. His roles included responsibility for the business and product management of its retail billing solutions and a range of operational support systems.

In 2006, John was headhunted to take the reins as CEO at Volubill, a start-up in the online billing and charging space. Here he completed a 10M Euro fundraising round and a key acquisition. With revenues growing six-fold, the company established itself as a leader in online charging space and was eventually rolled up into CSG International, a global leader in telecommunications solutions.

Prior to 7digital, John most recently held the CEO role at Arts Alliance Media (AAM), a company that was responsible for converting a large portion of the world’s cinemas from 35 mm reel-to-reel film to digital projection. John quickly built the company into the global leader of operational support systems for cinema. Over 40,000 cinema screens around the world are controlled by AAM’s software including those at four of the top five largest cinema chains in the world. The result was a highly successful exit in late 2017 to Luxin Rio of China.

John is currently a Non Executive Director of Idea Drop, a state-of-the-art, idea management software platform provider based in London.