Building a Music Service
7digital for Music Services
Our music platform powers the top music services and entertainment innovators around the world.
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Faster music availability
24/7 automated music ingestion provides real-time music availability, so your users will always have the freshest tracks to discover.

Our systems are built to scale and support global leaders for high volumes of streaming and reporting.
Access to the leading global catalogue of music
Built to support today's music services and models 7digital's music catalogue of over 80M tracks has all global territories covered.

7digital's deep catalogue and turnkey ingestion allows for broad, regional and micro targeting to your users preferences.
Let us handle all the reporting complexity
Currently integrated to the world's labels and publishers, we're set to handle all of your licensing requirements to rightholders.
Limitless scale and resiliency
Our highly scalable cloud-based platform serves music to hundreds of millions of users per month.
7digital is the right partner for your team
Future focused for your business
The music market is vibrant and complex, and 7digital has over 15 years of expertise in helping our clients grow and expand.
Launch and grow quickly
With 82 active music territories, our platform allows you to grow quickly and easily as you add new countries.
Powering next level discovery
7digital provides the structure and data to support the most innovative music interfaces.
Power your experience with more
Avoid costly integration processes that prevent you from using the best tools. We've integrated with ACR Cloud, Muzooka, HFA and more. See our Partner network.