Music + Tech Round-Up April 11 2014

Music + Tech Round-Up April 11 2014


Friday is upon us, but it’s not hometime yet! Take a break from clock-watching and check out the best of this week’s Music + Tech news:

Skrillex Launches New Label

Skrillex has launched another record label called Nest, the only difference is that all the releases are free! The label is built on Nest HQ, Skrillex’s culture blog and operates independently from his other label, OWSLA. This is definitely a brave and interesting approach to music distribution. We’re excited to see how it works out.

Apple Bans Advertising

Apple has banned popular new radio style streaming service from advertising their app. They were told their service competes with the iTunes Radio and it is therefore against Apple policy to allow advertising around it. Bloom apparently appeals to a young demographic with 54% of the app’s users under 25, and 83% under 35.

Heartbleed Bug Left Undetected For 2 Years

The heartbleed bug has taken the internet by storm, affecting websites such as Gmail, Facebook, Tumblr and another 500 million or so. The minor encryption flaw was created by accident over 2 years ago and made it into an OpenSSL, resulting in some less minor consequences. Here’s an early list of sites affected and actions you need to take to secure your accounts.

World’s First Legal Flying Car

It may not be Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, but Dutch company Pal-V have created the world’s first legal flying car (which looks a little like a mini helicopter)

Nokia’s New Feature Phone

Nokia have released a new feature phone which is set to retail at 39 euros. The candybar handset comes in a variety of bright colours, similar to the Nokia Lumia range and will also have a dual-sim version in some countries. While smartphones are prominent in Europe and North America, feature phones are favoured in many of the emerging markets.

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