Music + Tech Round-Up Feb 28 2014

Music + Tech Round-Up Feb 28 2014


We can barely believe we’ve already reached the end of the week, let alone the end of February! Alas, it is, so here’s our Music + Tech Round-Up to end the week and the month:

RapGenius App Gets Song ID

Lyric website Rap Genius has released an iOS app that includes song ID. Unlike the web version, the mobile app uses Shazam to identify songs and bring the lyrics up on screen. We all want to know the lyrics of songs we listen to, so nice work RapGenius and congrats on being back on Google!

Samsung Galaxy S5 Unveiled

Our partners over at Samsung unveiled the Samsung Galaxy S5 at Mobile World Congress this week. This new version of the company’s flagship phone features a fast-focussing camera, water resistance, and a fingerprint scanner, which can be used to authorise paypal payments! But that’s not all, the device can even measure your heart rate!

The S5 is set to be released in April, so get in line!

Social Media Lie Detector

A lie detector is being built to try and verify online rumours that appear on social media. The system was thought up after reviewing research on the the social media outbreak that accompanied 2011’s London Riots and aims to help organisations such as the government and emergency services respond more efficiently to such events. The software also aims to identify accounts with a sole purpose of spreading false information.

New Hearing Aid Pairs Seamlessly With iOS Devices

Wearable tech is on the rise with a new batch being announced at MWC! Resound Linx is a piece of technology that stands out. The hearing aid can be immediately paired to work seamlessly with an iOS device that allows you to adjust the volume and control other settings. The ReSound app also helps personalise the experience. For example; with GPS tagging the device is able to remember specific sound settings for a particular location, the app will then offer these settings to the user whenever they revisit the location.

Tetris Reduces Cravings


Playing Tetris for 3 minutes has been found to reduce cravings for food, alcohol and even cigarettes. Research suggests that the visual stimulation provided by the game reduces the cravings and gives them a boost of willpower so that they can ward them off entirely. This quick fix could be the answer to broken diets and failed attempts to give up smoking, so next time you’re eyeing up that doughnut why not try it out?

Signs of Life

For one last look at the MWC happenings we thought we would draw your attention to this inspiring list of brand jargon found in the signs of the trade show. Music and tech roundup, Information for the people.

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