Music + Tech Round-Up July 11 2014

Music + Tech Round-Up July 11 2014


It’s been a bit of a miserable week weather-wise, but have no fear! Our Music + Tech Round-Up is here to end the working week on a good note. Enjoy!

Streaming Could Save The Music Industry… In 2019


It’s no secret that digital download sales are declining and that streaming is now a key player in the music industry. However, a study by MiDIA has found that streaming won’t save the music industry until 2019.

The report stated: “Music industry revenues will bottom out, not grow. Physical revenue will decline by 44% by 2019 while Streaming and Subscriptions transition will help push download revenues down by 39% over the same period.”

And that’s if streaming outgrows its niche. Not everyone will pay the $10 or so for a premium streaming package. The industry needs to introduce more affordable options to appeal to the masses.

Another Festival, Another Incident

Festivals in the summer are great, however they’re not without their problems.

After another incident, a man was left needing surgery at last weekend’s Sonisphere festival. George Cook, a builder’s merchant, was left with numerous facial fractures, a broken jaw and a smashed eye socket. Despite the aggressive nature of the music, the heavy metal audience have a reputation of being the most well behaved, leaving the festival organisers a little confused.

Are festivals getting too dangerous?

SoundSight Headphones will let you livestream your next gig

SoundSight Headphones, complete with 1080p camera, six microphones, voice control and an accelerometer, allows the wearer to livestream from the stage and the studio. The video is recorded from the perspective of the wearer and the smartphone companion app means that the user can edit the recording before broadcasting online.

We think these would be perfect for DJs!

Do More With Your ThoughtsThis Place has created an app for Google Glass called MindRDR which uses a brain activity monitoring device to allow you to take pictures just by concentrating. The monitoring device tracks your brain activity when concentrating and then translates the activity patterns into actions. It’s been suggested that this technology could go on to help people who can’t speak engage with the world around them.

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