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Radio Reimagined with 7digital

Radio Reimagined


How is radio changing in the digital era? And how is the digital music industry drawing inspiration from radio as it evolves?

It's something we think about a lot, as a company that's heavily involved in - and, frankly, obsessed with - taking the best of traditional broadcasting/ audio and combining it with new technologies to work for audiences today and in the future.

Our heritage in building digital music services for clients around the world, coupled with expertise in production and radio technology, gives us a unique perspective on this but we wanted to ask others in the industry for their views.

We recently welcomed a group of expert speakers from Audible, BBC, audioBoom and Deezer to 7digital's London HQ to explore how the worlds of traditional broadcasting and digital music are colliding and drawing inspiration from each other. 

Radio Reimagined event speakers

What it seems we all agreed on is that traditional radio skills are not just augmenting streaming – they are proving how crucial it is to help audiences navigate the huge choice of music available online. The greater the curation, the more different tracks listeners will stream without skipping.

At 7digital, we believe that use of human curation and broadcast expertise isn't a nod to the past; it is a recognition of the 'lean-back' experience that mass market audiences want to have with music.

So what's next for radio?

See what the experts had to say in these short clips...