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Let’s build great music solutions together
7digital can be integrated with industry-leading technology, reporting and software providers to help you get even more value from your platform experience. These partners represent a vibrant ecosystem of tools and services that complement 7digital's music-as-a-service platform, playlisting and curation tools and more. Our Network Partners and integrations can help enhance, launch or support your services faster and more efficiently.
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A new standard for music recognition and reporting
ACRCloud provides cost-effective automatic content recognition technology and related solutions such as music recognition, cover song detection, broadcast monitoring, copyright compliance and data deduplication etc for audio and audio-visual content identification and copyright monitoring. The company’s clients include Deezer, Huawei, Vivo, FUGA, Audiomack, The Orchard and Believe. ACRCloud ranked #1 in audio fingerprinting technology in the prestigious Music Information Retrieval Evaluation eXchange (MIREX) campaign in 2015 and 2016.

7digital catalogue is matched to ACRCloud's world leading music fingerprint database of over 100 million tracks. This provides a seamless and cost-effective all-in-one solution to solve music licensing issues for UGC reporting.
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Grow your business with Blokurs stress-free licensing, reporting and royalty calculation services
Blokur exists to take the pain out of using and paying for music by bridging the gap between music publishers and users of music like streaming platforms, fitness apps and social networks. With a growing database of over 200 million recordings and 30 million works, and an automated licensing, reporting and royalty calculation platform, it's never been easier to license the music you want, meet reporting requirements and avoid copyright infringement, so you can focus on growing your business.

Blokurs platform uses graph-matching technology to match at scale, with a greater level of accuracy. Blokur is fully integrated with 7digital's music-as-a-service platform to deliver fast and accurate information on your cleared catalogue.
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Rights clearances and royalties administration for digital music
Rumblefish, a division of The Harry Fox Agency, is a rights management resource that offers data, licensing and royalty administration services. Rumblefish may assist many types of music distributors including video streaming, labels, gamers, AV/VR, mobile apps, background music, lyrics, tablature, karaoke, and more.

Rights administration service Rumblefish and 7digital may provide rights clearance and royalty administration services for gaming, AR/VR, mobile apps and other audiovisual uses.
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Licensing and reporting solutions for digital music
Music Reports is the leading independent provider of music rights data, administration, and management services in the world. The Company’s proprietary and continuously updated music and cue sheet databases, Songdex® and Cuetrak™, deliver a full-service technology platform for advanced rights administration, royalty reporting, and payment settlement for the music industry

Together with rights solution provider MRI, 7digital utilises a fully integrated filtering system built to serve clients. This fully automated integration will filter to your companies label and publisher clearances in real time, eliminating the need for separate and manual backend processes.
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Access to artists' freshest assets - from photos to videos and social media links
Muzooka is the central hub where artists and their teams manage their own artist assets across multiple platforms. When an update is made on Muzooka, the new content is instantly distributed to ensure that music fans are always seeing the most accurate and up-to-date artist photos, bios, links, and videos.

Muzooka and 7digital are fully integrated to seamlessly connect and refresh artist assets in real time - ensuring that platforms always have the latest and greatest artists assets powering their user experiences.
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Artificial intelligence powered music experiences
Super Hi-fi is an audio technology company that leverages AI to deliver next-generation music listening experiences. Using Super Hi-fi, companies can create individually customised listening experiences across streaming, broadcast and digital radio, digital fitness and more. Listeners can benefit from a distinctive and engaging audio experience that allows them to enjoy content in a fluid, precisely stitched flow.

Together, 7digital's Music-as-a Service and Super Hi-fi's AI audio tools, offers companies turn-key solutions for differentiated, tailored music and audio experiences for their users. The integration allows for companies to bring compelling products and features such as advanced playback and AI powered recommendations to the 7digital playlisting and curation tools.
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Increase listener retention with the world’s best playlisting product
PlaylistKING® is a ground-breaking music playlist solution that combines the human expertise of record producers with AI. Its global team evaluates tracks based on its own critical criteria, creating the highest quality metadata. Delivering industry leading playlists and seed track recommendations that can be refreshed automatically.
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The leading content identification and UGC data provider powering copyright compliance at the speed and scale of the Internet.
Pex Search is an Automated Content Recognition (ACR) service that leverages Pex’s leading-edge identification technology to find the most uses of copyrighted works and return match data to customers. Customers can then determine the appropriate action to take, such as licensing the copyright or preventing it from being distributed.

Identification is powered by a registry of copyrighted works that are compressed into digital fingerprints by Pex. Original content cannot be restored from fingerprints, which ensures Pex is not handling or sharing your original files, only fingerprints representing those files. By opting in to this service, you enable your catalog to be identified by Pex Search customers, and increase control over your works.

Pex’s identification technology can detect audio down to one second of use, despite common modifications including significant speed and pitch changes, mashups, remixes, and multi-track mixes. Pex outperforms legacy ACR providers, and the major record labels have relied on Pex technology to identify their catalog for years.

Pex Search leverages 7digital’s comprehensive global catalog and metadata feeds to ensure a robust search registry. 7digital’s cloud-based catalog ingests and delivers new releases and metadata for fingerprinting in real time, so Pex customers have the most accurate data whenever they need it.
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