7digital Partners to Save Your Music Moments With Moment.Us!

Save Your Music Moments With Moment.Us!


Over here at 7digital we’ve just partnered up with Moment.Us, a cool new mobile app for streaming radio and discovering new music.

The app will use your emotions, environments and experiences to tailor your playlist and provide you with a personalised listening experience. We know what you’re thinking, “So it’ll just see what I’ve listened to before?” Nope! Moment.Us uses other data such as your pictures, location and even the weather to learn more about you and your musical tastes.

To do this you can save moments as you listen. These allow the app to visualise how you’re reacting to the music and learn more about you.

“We wanted our app to be as simple as turning on the radio, but smart enough to deliver music that is personalised to what you want to hear, exactly at that moment”, says Andrew Ko, CEO of Moment.Us.

We are excited to be supplying the music catalogue for this great new innovation and love the idea of a creative and personalised music experience. If you do too why not download Moment.Us?

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