Searching For Your Favourite Music On 7digital, Made Easier!

Searching For Your Favourite Music On 7digital, Made Easier!


Our products are constantly updating to improve user experience. We gather intelligence by listening to consumer comments, holding user feedback sessions, and watching the patterns of usage on the site. With this, we decided to make the changes to our search to make it more attractive and easy-to-use! We hope you like it!

As before, you can search at the top, but we now have a nice tile display of the categories “Albums”, “Tracks” & “Artists”. We made the artwork more prominent so that picking out albums and artists is easier, and now all the results categories are in one page so it is simpler to drill-down into the different areas of the site.

Releases for each category will appear for your chosen search term.

We hope to show you the most relevant content based on your search term straight away. If it isn’t there you can then click on the “Show More” button to see more releases from that chosen category:

Behind the scenes, the purring search-engine that powers 7digital is under constant refinement based on your feedback. We’re on a mission to refine the results we come back with until they’re never wrong, and always ‘just right’.

Here at 7digital, we’re always striving to enhance the experience to both showcase what can be done with our API and so our users can have the best possible experience. Do note that the changes we’ve made already are apart of even more UX and design improvements we will be rolling out in the forthcoming months…

We plan to shuffle the position of Albums/Tracks/Artists to Albums/Artists/Tracks.  We can’t reveal too much right now, but work is already in progress on updating the “live search” functionality and that will roll out in the next couple of weeks.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled!


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