We’re thrilled to announce that legacy jukebox company AMI Entertainment Network, which outfits bars, restaurants, and other establishments with a digital and interactive music player that patrons can engage with, has signed on with Songtradr’s 7digital as a new client.

AMI has been in the music entertainment space for over 100 years and has pioneered the ways in which customers can directly play a part in a bar or restaurant’s music selection. The company was founded in 1909, initially as a coin-operated piano player company. In 1927, AMI debuted its first jukebox. Today, AMI continues to dominate in the digital jukebox market, offering businesses a diverse catalogue featuring millions of songs and music videos that AMI acquires through music licensing and promotions with labels and publishers. Music-loving patrons in the establishments can also play songs on demand via an AMI mobile app integration on their smartphone.

As a scaling company, AMI has chosen to partner with 7digital to simplify the complex licensing process by leveraging pass through licenses to the vast catalogue of indie labels Believe and Tunecore that AMI users can seamlessly access. AMI will also use the 7digital API to manage reporting directly with the music rights holders, which frees AMI to focus on other big-picture brand priorities. 

We also provide AMI full access to music metadata that allows AMI to fully curate and personalize songs on behalf of the venues that carry AMI’s digital jukebox. This means that AMI can deliver to bars and restaurants more specialized and genre-specific music that caters to the businesses’ particular audience, allowing for a deeper customer experience. All AMI needs to do is download the tracks they want to push, and add them into their playlist tool for enhanced curation capabilities. The tracks will then be available to any patron who steps into a bar or restaurant with an AMI jukebox, or via the AMI app.

We’re excited to partner with AMI and help the brand in their mission to bring music entertainment to businesses and their patrons on a global scale. 

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