Songtradr’s 7digital, the global leader in B2B digital music solutions, is excited to announce its partnership with Pex, a leader in content identification and UGC data enabling the fair and transparent use of copyright online. Pex will fingerprint 7digital’s global catalog for inclusion in the Pex music registry, which powers the company’s Pex Search solution. Pex Search is an Automated Content Recognition (ACR) solution that enables clients to find the most uses of copyrighted content and inform licensing, attribution, and compliance decisions. Clients – such as digital content platforms, music rightsholders, and consumer brands – can access Pex Search via an SDK or user interface, where they can query audio files to find matches in custom databases, or the Pex music registry. Once music is identified, clients can determine the appropriate action for their business. 

Pex’s leading-edge technology has gained widespread adoption among music rightsholders, enabling them to better monitor and monetize content across a modern landscape of diverse platforms, apps, and services. By identifying copyrighted material in realtime, including partial clips down to a single second, Pex’s technology is highly effective for identifying music in user-generated content (UGC). Unlike other providers, Pex can find music despite trends like remixes, mashups, sped up tracks, short-form content, and other modified audio. This advanced identification ensures the most uses of music are identified via Pex Search, and brings more value to the rightsholders who supply their catalog through 7digital.

Through the partnership, Pex will leverage 7digital’s comprehensive global catalog and metadata feeds, streamlining music delivery from rightsholders and ensuring a robust search registry that can identify the most uses of music. The reach of 7d’s catalog and the breadth of participating rightsholders, allows Pex to offer a comprehensive solution that can be used to combat copyright infringement and fraud, inform licensing decisions, or effectively manage catalog. 7digital’s cloud-based catalog ingests and delivers new releases and metadata for fingerprinting in real time, so Pex customers have the most accurate data whenever they need it and rightsholders have their latest content identified.

Furthermore, 7digital’s pass-through licensing, tailored explicitly for the music intelligence use case, simplifies the licensing process while allowing rightsholders to maintain control through an opt-in process. Pex can efficiently license music from 7digital for fingerprinting without additional negotiations or complex agreements. This streamlined approach saves time and resources for Pex, its clients and rightsholders alike.

The partnership between 7digital, a Songtradr company, and Pex brings together digital content, a comprehensive music catalog, and unparalleled content identification, to provide a powerful solution for rightsholders, platforms, and brands seeking robust audio and melody fingerprinting services, copyright compliance, and content management.

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