A platform to power the best music experiences
Today's leading apps in fitness, social, radio, gaming and background music use 7digital's API services to power music experiences that are engaging customers worldwide.
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7digital for Music Services
Our music-as-a-service platform powers top music services around the world.
  • Access to leading global catalogue of music
  • Faster music availability
  • Manages all reporting complexity
  • Trusted by the most popular brands and services
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7digital for Fitness
Our music-as-a-service platform powers top fitness brands around the world.
  • End-to-end rights reconciliation
  • Easy to use Instructor Playlisting Tool
  • Access to more music for better playlisting
  • Trusted partner to support your licensing needs
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7digital for Social Media
Our music-as-a-service platform powers top social media brands around the world.
  • A music catalogue that fuels creativity
  • 1000s of custom reports
  • 24/7 continuous music flow
  • Music clearances secured at scale
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Trusted by global brands and innovators

Our music platform
7digital provides all the tools needed to offer and manage music as a core part of experiences in social, fitness, digital music services and more.

Today, hundreds of millions of people around the world connect to music apps they love every day, powered by 7digital. The combination of a global catalogue, end-to-end and a-la-carte API services, and cloud-based scale opens the door to digital music innovation and reduces the cost and complexity of using music for streaming, UGC, VOD, and more.
Benefits of the 7digital platform for brands and music services
Hundreds of companies from streaming services to online fitness startups to global social platforms use 7digital's music-as-a-service platform to streamline the backend of music licensing and use. Our clients rely on our platform for services from ingestion and delivery to authorisation and reporting.

7digital's product, a technology platform, enables companies to connect their apps with licensed music from any label or publisher using a fully integrated suite of APIs that matches any user management, music format, and business model.
One stop music solution
Using 7digital's platform means less development, fewer integrations and reports, and more focus on your customers' music experiences.
Compliance first mindset
Our API and automated label/publisher integration guarantees the highest compliance standards to your rightsholder agreements
Pre-built integrations
Take advantage of integrations for systems like MRI, HFA, Super Hi-fi, Muzooka, and more for efficiency and differentiation.
Reliability at scale
Our systems serve clients with hundreds of millions of active users with 99.9%+ uptime.
A platform built for growth
Our API solutions make it easier to start, run and scale music services through adding new territories, tiers or formats.
Licensing consulting
Enjoy access to licensing support and consulting as you grow your customer base and music offerings.
The backbone of the music industry's growth
80M + Tracks
maintained in 7digital's world catalogue.
200M + DAU
supported global audiences using 7digital.
82 territories
supported by the world's music catalogue.
3M + Tracks
ingested and available in real time every week.
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