Your music, simplified


We offer millions of songs, through a global network of web stores that are lovingly maintained by our local experts. Any music you purchase from us is stored securely in a cloud-based locker, so that you can access it anywhere.

Your Music

Purchase a song from us and you can stream or download it instantly. And because we store all your music safely in a cloud-based locker, you can access it wherever you are, simply by logging-in from any computer or connected device. Perfect if you like to listen to music on several different devices, and great for covering your back, should you ever lose or damage your computer or phone.


Like you, we love music. That’s why we have a team dedicated to guiding you through the millions of songs in our catalogue, through exciting promotions and imaginative editorial. Explore the site and you’ll find interviews, label focuses, staff recommendations and a lot more besides.


We don’t believe in tying you to a particular device or platform, which is why we have a 7digital mobile app for you, whatever operating system you favour, plus a mobile web-optimised service for all other mobile phones, including non-smartphones. Learn more about our Android, BlackBerry, iOS and Windows Phone apps.

Our Partners

We license our catalogue and technology to companies including Samsung, HTC, Toshiba and BlackBerry, which is why you might have received a receipt from us after purchasing from one of our many partners. The good news is, whichever service you purchase from, all your music will be stored safely in the cloud, accessible whenever you want it.

Our Ethos

We’re proud to be a fair, open and legal music service, available to all. We work closely with music associations, retail organisations, technology partners and our customers because we’re passionate about improving everyone’s experiences with digital music. Most importantly, we believe in paying artists fairly for their work and giving our customers access to their music on their own terms.