7digital HQ Listening Room

7digital HQ Listening Room


7digital is thrilled to have recently installed a new listening room at our UK headquarters. Our strategic partner, Meridian Audio has supplied us with the perfect speakers & system to experience the true velocity of how high quality audio should be heard.

As a music and tech platform, we feel it is important for our community to be exposed to these listening environments, as you would expect in the home. In fact, much of the work we do with partners such as MQA, Onkyo and Panasonic is to bring better listening experiences with hi-res audio back into the home and other connected devices. To understand and participate in providing high quality streaming and downloading music services, you have to experience it! Having this kind of room, allows us to invite music lovers and the appropriate influencers in to engage and explore in music listening as the artist intended.

We invited Catherine White Interiors, to come in and help us create the perfect atmosphere for this superior listening experience. She worked with with our team to determine the requirements outlined by stereo Equipment Manufacturers. Catherine commented, “ As our room, originally used as an office, is surrounded by glass, it is acoustically a little challenging.” Together we agreed that we wanted to keep our company’s bold brand image, and wide space.

To accommodate this, Catherine suggested that ‘movable panels with a sound absorbing surface’, would not only fit our sleek interiors, but would also allow us to play music without disturbing the whole office! She looked into Heradesign, to create the right acoustic wood, wool product, which was then sprayed to match our brand colours.

The custom designed panels are big enough to cover our large panelling of windows, but are also demountable, allowing the system to be reinstalled elsewhere if need be.

Catherine continued, “We found our furniture from the British Design Firm HitchMylius. Again, the colours and textures are a nod to the company’s brand image, creating a flexible space which can be added to if the need arises.  Not only are the pieces made in the UK, but they are extremely robust, two key factors that should always be considered when specifying furniture when you are looking at keeping a low carbon footprint.”

Overall we are extremely excited, and privileged to have the advantage of a listening room at our fingertips. We have already had amazing feedback from the listeners, on what is a truly exceptional experience. If you haven’t had the chance to hear a demo of hi-res audio on high fidelity speakers, contact us for a meeting and consultation, you won’t be disappointed.

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