7digital Introduces New Partner Integrated Features

7digital Introduces New Partner Integrated Features


Without a doubt, crafting the right music experience to meet fluctuating customer expectations and dynamic competitive pressures is always top of mind when we are speaking to our current and prospective music clients.  To maintain and serve music in a global market, 7digital’s platform is fully integrated with more than 300K labels and publishers and accessible via the API platform.  This summer, we mark the expansion of our partner ecosystem as we’ve launched pre-built integrations with some of the top music tech companies in the world to help organizations extend and supplement our service capabilities across all industries.

Our platform partners are carefully selected against current needs identified in the market and provide integrations that strategically customise the core functionality of the 7digital platform, tools, and service. All integrations are found on the 7digital partner integrations directory which is designed to allow current 7digital customers and prospects to find the right companies to work with to create their desired user experience. 

The program ties 7digital into the wider music ecosystem, bringing together to provide more powerful solutions to the needs of streaming, digital fitness apps, social, automotive, gaming and more. 

Who are some of the partners in this program?

There are currently 4 announced partner integrations, with plans to expand that in Q4.  Recently, 7digital revealed an integration with Muzooka, the world’s largest verified asset database with a pre-approved database of artist images, links, and other media assets.  Muzooka has notable contracts with BMI and the Recording Academy and their platform allows brands to deliver a highly visual experience to their users to maximize engagement on music streaming platforms across all industries.

Earlier in the summer, 7digital also announced a partnership with Super Hi-Fi, the audio technology company leveraging AI to deliver next generation music experience to bring advanced playback and AI-powered recommendations as new features available to 7digital’s playlisting and curation tools.

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