7digital Client News

Client News


7digital, the B2B digital music and radio services company, is today pleased to announce it has signed a contract with musical.ly, a fast-growing social media platform based around video and music with a strong international footprint.

The deal will contribute to 7digital’s revenues for 2016.

7digital is also pleased to update that its client i.am+, the technology company founded by musician and entrepreneur will.i.am, has announced it is now taking pre-orders in the UK for the Dial wearable ‘smartcuff’ device ahead of its launch on 13 May. The Dial’s innovative model allows access to millions of tracks without the need for any additional subscription.

Simon Cole, CEO of 7digital, commented:

“The musical.ly contract win highlights 7digital’s continued global expansion as the Company increases its reach into further territories, while availability of the i.am+ Dial for pre-order marks a significant moment in this long-term partnership. We’re delighted to be working with both clients on innovative products that take full advantage of the ways in which people around the world now consume, discover and share content online and on the move.”

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