GrandPad® brings content and convenience to a market of 300 million seniors

GrandPad® brings content and convenience to a market of 300 million seniors

The GrandPad – the first tablet specifically designed for seniors – comes ready to use out of the box. There are no confusing buttons, no passwords or pop-up ads, and wireless connectivity and security is built into the device – eliminating the risks of scams and hacks. Users can play games, listen to music, and enjoy many other exclusive apps on the GrandPad. Additionally, caregivers/family members can video chat, receive voice emails, and share photos with seniors through GrandPad’s companion app on iOS and Android. GrandPad users have access to listen to over 30 million songs on the grandPad, with music selections customised to a senior’s personal preferences and favorites. Popular music selections amongst the senior population include a variety of artists that range from Frank Sinatra to Johnny Cash, to Patsy Cline.

For Grandpad’s Client use case, 7digital provides GrandPad with technology and a library that enables files to download and songs to stream. 7digital has helped GrandPad develop speciality music services by leveraging our relationships with big record labels so GrandPad can hold the rights to songs beloved by millions of seniors.


“The music function on the GrandPad is one of the most loved applications by our users, and with our partnership with 7digital, this application will only continue to evolve,” said Scott Lien, CEO and co-founder of GrandPad. “We know through research and from feedback from our users, their families, and caregivers, that music is incredibly powerful in stimulating cognition, reducing isolation, and depression. We are committed to improving senior lives, and having enhanced music options aids in that mission.”

“Nearly every day, I’m asked how to stay mentally sharp into advanced age,” says Gerontologist, Dr. Kerry Burnight. “Keep moving, connect with others, and listen to music that touches you.”  Dr. Burnight continues; “When the world’s top brain researchers summarised what we know about cognition and ageing in The Lancet Commissions Report, music was among the therapeutic interventions to prevent and treat dementia.”


“One of our clients is completely blind. His daughter is the caregiver and his wife lives at home with him and she is bed bound. They are excited to use the GrandPad, especially the music, and were ecstatic when they found his favourite Russian music. This client used to be a singer and played instruments growing up.”

“She was also excited to be able to set the background music to the relaxation station while she takes her “recliner naps” in the afternoon!”

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