Music + Tech Round-Up April 4 2014

Music + Tech Round-Up April 4 2014


vKontakte, dubbed as the ‘Rusian Facebook’ has received three court filings from Sony, Universal and Warner for ‘facilitating copyright on a large scale’. The social network offers an unlicensed music streaming service with a large collection of copyright-infringing tracks which users have unlimited access to. The labels have filed 3 separate cases claiming that VK has never paid them for the right to use their catalogue.

Gracenote has teamed up with Deezer to allow developers to use Gracenote’s music recognition feature when building Deezer apps. The integration will be previewed at Music Hack Day Paris at Deezer’s headquarters.

Photos of what could be the iPhone 6 have been anonymously leaked on a Chinese social network. This comes along with the news that Apple will soon be starting screen production. Will the next generation of iPhone be able to catch up with the leaps made by other smartphones in recent months? Will you be buying it?

In a wave of artists apps that sit somewhere strange between senseless promotion and selfless humor the band Kiss have released a Kiss Photo Bomb app that allows fans to apply KISS effects, KISS band members, KISS frames and more for sharing on popular social networks. Don’t quite get the concept? It is more or less like the popular app Cat Paint or Drake Shake.

At 7digital, we love to cry with laughter, give the thumbs up and dance with our twin and that’s why we’re super glad that Twitter’s enabled emojis on their desktop websites! We couldn’t wait to start using them.

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