Music + Tech Round-Up March 28 2014

Music + Tech Round-Up March 28 2014


With the weekend just around the corner, Friday afternoons are hopefully a little more relaxed in most offices. Why not take a cheeky break to catch up on this week’s Music + Tech news?: Closes Radio Streaming is closing down it’s subsciption radio streaming service at the end of April. However, it will continue to offer a listening experience to users using it’s new player which accesses music via Spotify.

Shazam Adds Vinyl-Only Tracks

Shazam adds vinyl-only tracks to their database after teaming up with Juno, one of the largest dance music stores. This move comes after the company recognised a resurgence in the vinyl music industry.

Berklee To Host Music Therapy Hackathon

Berklee College of Music is hosting its first ever Music Therapy Hackathon in Boston this weekend. The event aims to create a space for hackers to develop tools for music therapists to use in a variety of therapeutic and healthcare settings. It is nice to see digital music innovation being used for good causes.

Turkey Blocks YouTube

A week after blocking Twitter, Turkey has blocked access to YouTube after leaked recordings of a security meeting were uploaded. This isn’t the first time Turkey has blocked YouTube.

Google Glass To Get New Styles

Google is teaming up with Oakley and Ray-Ban to bring consumers more Google Glass styles. Google sees Glass as the next stage of everyday eyewear, stating “Nowadays, glasses are global phenomenon—a reflection of both function and fashion. We see Glass as the next chapter in this long story.” in a blog post. We can’t show off our new designer Glass! Just got to wait for launch day…

Woman Diagnosed With Whatsappitis

A doctor has diagnosed a 34-year-old pregnant woman with Whatsappitis after she developed repetitive strain injury from instant messaging for 6 hours. The patient kept waking up with pains in her wrist, but had not suffered any trauma, nor engaged in excessive physical activity the day before. The condition is treated by withstanding from sending messages via a mobile phone. Could this be Nintenditis all over again? Better pick up that phone and start ringing!

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