New Music Service, OpenLIVE, Partners With 7digital to Bring High-Resolution Audio and Live Performance Recordings to Music Fans

New Music Service, OpenLIVE, Partners With 7digital to Bring High-Resolution Audio and Live Performance Recordings to Music Fans


Cannes, France, June 5 2015 – OpenLIVE, a new High-Resolution a-la-carte music download store and live performance recording platform has chosen to partner with 7digital, a leading digital music platform and content management service, to power the Australian start-up’s new music store. Launching soon, OpenLIVE will focus on providing Music Fans with unique High-Res recordings of live performances from participating artists and venues as well as a catalogue of High-Resolution albums and tracks.

OpenLIVE has developed an innovative and unique patent-pending technology that allows any Artist, signed or independent, to collect high-quality recordings of their live performances. The live performance recordings will then be available to consumers on the OpenLIVE store and other music services as chosen by the Artist or label, thereby creating a seamless new revenue stream for the Artist. By combining high quality audio components, miniaturised computing, proprietary processing techniques and network security with a wealth of user-friendly web tools, OpenLIVE has unlocked a new and reliable recording and distribution process for unique live music performances that brings Artists and Fans closer together.

 “Music is at the very heart of OpenLIVE. It is our life and it permeates everything we do. Every single pursuit of OpenLIVE is devoted to servicing the best possible listening experiences for Music Fans; and High-Res Audio is paramount to that experience. 7digital has been fundamental in helping us put this passion into a viable product, ready for launch and imminent expansion. They understand our vision and provide us with a flexible and reliable infrastructure that caters exactly to our needs.” says Simon Tait, OpenLIVE’s CTO.

Simon Cole, CEO of 7digital comments, “OpenLIVE is building a service that considers the Music Fan to Artist connection at all stages in the planning. Their passion, hard work and innovative technology has resulted in an elevated listening experience and a platform that can bring live performances to any connected device. It is a uniquely compelling offer and we are proud to be powering their service.”

OpenLIVE aims to give back to the music Industry, Artists and Fans in particular. “We strongly feel music is an art to be valued rather than commoditised; that music should be appreciated and experienced, not merely exist in the background. Our High-Resolution offering emphasises this point. However it’s our capacity to record and make available an enormous catalogue of live performances that sets OpenLIVE apart. It’s that rawness in live performances that we want everyone to experience, not only those attending the gig. And we want to help Artists deliver these live performances to Music Fans across the globe, regardless of their preferred provider. We believe in music, and want music to reach as many people as possible” says Dale Moore, OpenLIVE’s CEO.

OpenLIVE is expected to launch with consumer services available initially through the web platform at the end of June 2015. Plans are in place to expand the service to the UK and US markets late in 2015. 

About OpenLIVE:

OpenLIVE is a company, built by Artists and Music Fans that aims to deliver to Music Fans a better quality product, while for Artists, delivering their work intact. We’re passionate about music and the music industry, and want Fans to experience music as it was intended by the Artist. Founded in Australia, OpenLIVE is working with various partners within and beyond the music industry with the aim of providing greater opportunities for Artists to go on creating. The founders and employees bring a breadth of experience, but at their core are Musicians and Music Fans. They fundamentally believe music should be experienced, not just heard.

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