Update on BlackBerry and new territories from Guvera

Update on BlackBerry and new territories from Guvera


7digital, the digital music and radio services company, is pleased to announce that it has reached agreement with BlackBerry for the continuing provision of music services on BlackBerry devices.

All users of the current BlackBerry World storefront have been sent details of new arrangements for them to continue to use their “lockers” for both storing music as well as purchasing new music. Users will be given 12 months to transition to new lockers, and 7digital has reached a contractual arrangement with BlackBerry to manage these transition arrangements. In addition, 7digital will manage the new lockers and has created a new app for BlackBerry users from which they can continue to purchase music.

7digital will also take over the sales of music from BlackBerry, now retaining all profit margin earned on track sales which had previously been shared with Blackberry. Blackberry will pay 7digital monthly fees for use of the 7digital platform up to August 2015. The new arrangements with BlackBerry will not result in any changes to current market expectations for the financial performance of 7digital.

In addition, 7digital is also pleased to announce today an expansion of its contract with existing customer Guvera. The Guvera streaming music service, available on Lenovo mobiles and tablets, is currently powered by 7digital in UAE, Saudi Arabia and India. Guvera will provide its service in an additional eight emerging market territories. As the new territories are added, 7digital’s monthly recurring revenues will increase.

Simon Cole, CEO of 7digital, Commented: “We are pleased to have agreed new terms with BlackBerry to provide its users with access to music. This arrangement ensures both the continuation of our relationship with BlackBerry and our ability to sell music to its users. The news today from Guvera underscores the speed at which new streaming customers are growing their businesses and our revenues with it. This sector of the market is replacing the traditional download businesses and the model of solid monthly business to business revenues from these customers is what will power our business in future.”

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