7digital Playlisting Tool
7digital's playlisting solution makes it easy to create a fresh mix while keeping in line with your licensing agreements.
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A one-stop shop for creativity and compliance
Guaranteed compliance
Fully integrated to your custom label and publishing agreements, 7digital's playlisting tool is your one stop shop for legal curation, streaming and reporting.
Centralized, secure management
7digital's playlisting tool manages the complexity of rights and reporting so your instructors and content managers can focus on the user experience.
Flexible options to find and curate music
Create playlists from scratch, copy and customise previous playlists or import a playlist from Spotify. No matter how you create, we will do the heavy lifting to ensure your compliance.
Smart tools to find the best sound
7digital’s playlisting tool will automatically flag content outside of your agreements and offer replacement suggestions.

Integrations with partners like Blokur, HFA, and MRI ensure that fitness brands, gaming companies and music services build their experiences on top of pre-cleared music.
Built for your business needs
Download, stream, synch or access on demand via API - liker our platform 7digital's tools offer the most flexibility to ensure your experience is fully supported.