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7digital’s music as a platform makes it easy to build and scale
an audio experience that gets engagement and delivers revenue

Music Platform-as-a-Service

We are a fully integrated platform for music that provides content, data and services to engage, manage and monetize audiences globally at scale. We offer a 360 degree service across multiple industries delivering music via an agnostic set of API’s.

  • Support in music rights licensing
  • A global catalogue of major and independent artists
  • Multiple format delivery options for download, radio and streaming Support in music rights licensing
  • Full multi-territory rights holder reporting

Branded music solution

Delivered with your unique branding, our low effort, lean back Enterprise Music Solution supplies easy engagement to your users, and a complete end-to-end solution to you, including catalogue, user authentication integration, playlisting and payments.

  • Out of the box management – sign up, authentication, subscription, access rights & more
  • Fast time to market with no coding or IT teams required
  • Dashboard for business intelligence and user insights
  • Integrates with your CRM solution and/or loyalty programme


Music licensing is complex, let us simplify the process.

We bring years of experience and industry relationships to do all the heavy lifting to help you define your strategy and negotiate to a desired outcome.

One platform, many solutions

Find out how easy it is to engage your customers with the music that moves them.

World-beating catalog

With 80+M tracks from thousands of publishers, and 1M new tracks added per month, our catalog leads the industry and can connect your users to global, regional, premium, indie and niche content as needed.

“Scale as you grow” solution

At 7digital, our success is in lockstep with yours, and our solutions provide the cornerstones for growth to help you succeed and expand with ease.

Enjoy an insider’s advantage

7digital experts have years of experience in the music industry and can help you develop your plan and realize your desired experience so you can focus on your users.

Experienced, reliable partner

Execute at scale with confidence on 7digital’s cloud based content delivery platform. Count on flawless execution of your initiatives to millions of listeners with no issues.

Fast, powerful, and flexible

7digital has everything you need to deliver fast, profitable, winning experiences right out-of-the-box

Complexity made simple

We take care of all the complexity in sourcing, reporting and paying rights holders behind the scenes so you can focus on what’s important: your customers

Intelligence to keep you a step ahead

Act on deeper insights with robust content performance, and listener engagement data.

New monetization opportunities

With our large and diverse catalogue of music, and our flexible delivery solutions, we can help drive new revenue streams for our customers or enhance existing ones.

Ecosystem integration

We’re integrated with the leading user authentication and payment processing technologies to ensure our Platform works with the services you already use.

Grow your business with us today