Music + Tech Round-Up April 25 2014

Music + Tech Round-Up April 25 2014


Nothing like thinking it’s Thursday and then realising it’s Friday right? Hurray for 4 day weeks! Complete your Friday feeling by catching up on the latest Music + Tech news before you head off for the weekend. Enjoy!

The Digital Music Business Is A Tough Game

Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre are finding out just how tough the world of digital music is as label sources claim that the first 100 days of their subscription streaming service, Beats, has been disappointing. After building a world-class brand around headphones in just 5 years, the streaming world woes may come as a shock to the duo. With a smart commercial launch plan and great spokespeople such as Ellen on board one would assume they have a recipe for success. Unfortunately the digital consumer is fickle and competitive partnerships such as the new Sprint and Spotify bundle only going to make it harder.

‘Blurred Lines’ Named Most Downloaded Song Ever

Robin Thicke’s ‘Blurred Lines’ has been named as the UK’s most downloaded track of all time. Earlier this week the Official Charts Company revealed that the song has been downloaded 1.54 million times, surpassing the likes of Adele, Rihanna, Black Eyed Peas and Avicii.

Welcome the One

Shenzhen-based company OnePlus have unveiled their first smartphone, the One. The phone runs CyanogenMod 11S software and has been priced to compete with Google’s Nexus, with its 16 and 32 GB models being $50 cheaper than that of the Nexus 5.

Keep An Eye On Your Cats WIth Kittyo

Got a soft spot for furry felines, but can’t always be home to keep an eye on them? You need Kittyo. Shaped like a coffee maker, the device connects to your smartphone allowing you to keep an eye on your cats through the webcam, entertain them with a laser or reward them with a treat! After smashing its Kickstarter target, Kittyo will be available from November this year.

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