Music + Tech Round-Up July 18 2014

Music + Tech Round-Up July 18 2014


It’s finally Friday! Before you head off for a weekend at Lovebox, Latitude or just laying in bed, make sure you’re up to date on this week’s industry news.

PPL Sets New Record For Royalty Pay-Outs

PPL paid out a record £114m in royalties for 2013. This information was revealed when the company made its annual June payment to record labels and performers. With a payment that’s 9% bigger than last year, it’s safe to say that it’s possible to make money from being a musician!

Deezer Axes £5 Premium Streaming Option

Deezer has plans to eradicate its £5 premium streaming option after spotting a change in its users needs. User are now left with the free option and the £10 a month upgrade. This change is similar to that of Spotify who also ditched their middle-of-the-road upgrade.

Pandora Thrives In Non-US Market

Pandora’s only non-US market (Australia and New Zealand) has reached two million users, doubling the amount of registered listeners in less than 12 months. In fact, Pandora gains 2 new users from the region every second.

We wonder if this news will encourage Pandora to expand to other non-US territories.

Future iPhones May Get To Know Their User

johnkarakatsanis / Flickr

Apple have published a new patent that describes a system that monitors a user’s behaviour. The system aims to learn the user’s usual behaviour and preferences (such as orientation) and to contact another device when it suspects that someone other than the rightful user is using the phone.

While this may be a great move security wise, there are privacy concerns around the topic such as who else can access and use the data

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