Music + Tech Round-Up June 27 2014

Music + Tech Round-Up June 27 2014


Whether you’re staying at home or heading off to Glastonbury, the weekend is here. As is our Music + Tech round-up. Enjoy!

Singles Chart To Include Streaming

The Official Singles Chart will begin to count audio streams from July, with 100 streams being equivalent to one purchase. Recognising that the way consumers listen to music is changing is a key move for the music industry as streaming services are becoming more popular with 260 million audio streams a week.

US Copyright Law Review

The debate was heated as RIAA chairman declared US music licensing laws ‘arcane and dysfunctional‘. While nearly all at the meeting were fighting for an overhaul there was apparently, as per usual, a finger pointing session of who is really at fault for low artist and royalty payouts. The pressure mounts as more streaming services launch under the DMCA and radio continues to flourish. Although it was said there is unlikely any major movements from congress planned, the call in the end was for a “holistic solution to the laws instead of piecemeal changes to current licensing standards”.  

YouTube Contract Leaked

After last week’s news on YouTube’s battle with the independent labels, Billboard got their hands on an early version of a standard contract that was being offered to them. Label and publishing sources have confirmed the rates are still the same. However, it’s not the lower rates that’s irritating the indies, it’s what’s called a “negative most-favoured nation clause, which basically says that if the majors agree to lower rates, YouTube has the right to lower the rates for independents too. Moodsnap

Moodsnap launched their image-driven radio app this week and it is available for free to iOs users in the US. Launch plans include a very cool image submission competition with Twenty20.  London Met Embrace 3D Technology

Police are using 3D scanners to create virtual reality models of crime scenes, including traffic accidents.

Visit The Emoji Doctor

If you’re feeling particularly bored this afternoon you might want to head over to see the Emoji Doctor and have him psychoanalyse your recently used emojis. It’s all just a bit of fun, but the results are quite humorous.

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